Redefining Delivery Services: COVID-19’s Impact on Courier Excellence

Posted by Kevin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many lessons were learned across various industries. In particular, the courier industry had to face a new set of challenges and, as a result, learned valuable lessons that can now be applied going forward. 

Couriers have always been important. However, during the pandemic, we became essential, and it transformed our industry for the better. Here are some of the things that the courier industry learned and how we transformed during that historic period.

We Became More Adaptable

One of the most important things that courier companies learned was how to be more adaptable. Circumstances changed dramatically with the onset of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and a significantly increased demand for deliveries.

As a result, courier companies like First Light Couriers had to learn to be more agile and embrace change. This made us more reliable and competent with technologically advanced systems that could account for modern requirements.

We Embraced the Digital Transformation

One of the biggest changes that occurred during the pandemic was the embrace of digital technology across multiple industries. E-commerce became an important factor in many people’s lives, and the retail industry changed dramatically as a result, which led to a significantly increased demand for deliveries that couriers needed to carry out. 

This change required courier companies to invest in beefing up online ordering platforms, real-time tracking, and contactless delivery systems. With these in place, we can now continue to be a technologically advanced industry going forward, leveraging this technology to provide more efficient customer service, better operational transparency, and a vastly improved customer experience.

We Improved the Safety and Well-Being of Our Employees

During the pandemic, it became evident that there was a significant need for improved health and safety practices to protect employees from infection and ensure they did not spread any infection to customers or suppliers. 

This included providing personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, ensuring good sanitisation protocols, and limiting cross-contamination by providing contactless delivery technologies. 

Going forward, these same health and safety protocols and technologies can still be implemented to ensure employee, customer, and supplier well-being. The culture of safety and health consciousness within courier companies such as ours has now been well-established, with training methods and protocols already in place. 

We Improved Communication and Transparency

Through the embrace of digital technologies, such as online ordering platforms and real-time tracking systems, we can ensure that customers receive timely and accurate communication regarding the progress of their deliveries. 

This technology already existed before the pandemic. However, since the pandemic, it has become so ubiquitous that customers now expect it. Thanks to digital tracking technologies, we can provide regular updates on the status of deliveries and notify customers of any problems or delays. 

This allows us to ensure that transparent and meaningful communication channels remain open, providing better and more proactive customer service. We can ensure realistic delivery expectations are set, which leads to better customer satisfaction.

As a courier service that delivers both domestically and overseas, we at First Light Couriers have only grown stronger since the pandemic. Contact us today to arrange a delivery!