Why Using a Private Courier Company is Better Than Using the Postal Service

Posted by Kevin

Using a courier company or a private courier company to send your goods is generally preferable to using the national postal service. South Africa’s postal service has an unfortunate reputation for being less reliable and slow, with many people reporting that their goods do not arrive on time or at all. This leads one to believe that perhaps the national postal service isn’t as safe and reliable as it should be. 

With that in mind, let’s look at why we believe that using a private courier company is better than using the national postal service.

It’s Faster

A common complaint about the postal service is that it takes a long time for goods to be delivered. Therefore, if you wish to have your goods delivered quickly, it’s best to make use of a private courier company.

Private courier companies like First Light Couriers offer faster delivery options and can even provide same-day or next-day delivery services if required. When you have things that need to be delivered urgently, particularly if they are time-sensitive items such as urgent documents, then going with a private courier company is definitely your best bet.

It’s More Reliable

When it comes to having your goods shipped, you want to make sure that you can depend on the company transporting them to deliver them safely and reliably every time. Modern courier companies such as ours offer robust tracking systems that enable customers to keep a close eye on the health and progress of their shipments.

Private courier companies have an advantage over the postal service owing to this level of transparency, which provides customers with peace of mind and gives them real-time updates regarding the status of their items. This removes any guesswork and allows the customer to have reliable information regarding the expected arrival date of the parcel.

It’s More Secure

Many have complained that the national postal service does not provide secure services, with valuable items going missing or parcels arriving having been tampered with. 

Private courier companies like ours have much stricter security measures in place that allow them to offer superior protection and security for the packages in their care. This is particularly important when shipping valuable items or sensitive documents.

Superior tracking systems and chain of custody systems allow private courier companies to keep a close eye on the state of all packages at any given time. Tamper-evident packaging also allows them to employ strict security measures. Furthermore, they can provide superior training to employees to ensure safer and more transparent security protocols across the board.

Special Services are Available 

Private courier companies are generally more flexible in that they allow for a wider variety of specialised shipping options. In many cases, courier companies offer added conveniences, such as the option to arrange pickups from homes or offices, rather than making customers come to a centralised depot for shipment. While this might have an additional cost, it does provide added convenience for those who prefer it. 

In addition to this kind of flexibility and convenience, private courier companies also offer things like special fragile item handling services, international shipping expertise, and more. 

If you want to ship your items safely, securely, and quickly, then contact us today at First Light Couriers. You can rely on us!